A New Approach to Organizational Wellness & Human Thriving

Enjoy improved:

  • Leadership,
  • Employee Wellbeing,
  • & Business Outcomes.

Our Approach:

Phase I

Take OurCoach's Organizational Wellness Assessment

Capture the pulse of your organization with our proprietary assessment, developed by Stanford- and Harvard-trained social scientists, experienced coaches, and practitioners with real-world experience working in organizations just like yours.

  • Learn what's working well in your organization and identify areas for improvement.
  • Gain valuable insights into your group culture, individual and organizational leadership capacity, system functioning—and more.
  • Typically fielded over 1-4 weeks with a minimum of 30 employees.
  • Hone in on the most impactful areas for improvement as determined by your entire organization, not just the loudest voices.
  • Includes a custom report with easy-to-understand visualizations and a prioritized list of key levers for improvement.
Phase II

Develop an Improvement Plan & Activation Platform

Drawing on your key levers, develop a strategically-aligned plan of action to support organizational wellness and human thriving across your company.

  • Work with OurCoach® Certified Facilitators or on your own to develop a plan for activating key levers across your organization.
  • Identify specific goals, activities, and metrics for bringing the plan to life and tracking progress as you go.
  • Develop an activation platform that builds momentum and enthusiasm—and provides detailed steps and timelines for the first six months of implementation.
  • Outline an organization-wide communication plan for building stakeholder excitement and support, and for sharing progress and next steps.
Phase III

Take Action with OurCoach Certified Facilitators

Work with our team of accomplished leadership and organization development coaches, professors, researchers, practitioners, and data scientists to make an impact.

  • Partner with consultants and coaches who are certified in our methodology to implement your plan of action and track progress over time.
  • Using an improvement-coaching approach, we will meet with your team regularly over six months to collect data, measure progress, provide technical and implementation assistance, and make improvements based on data.